Ellsworth Kelly about Matisse

Ellsworth Kelly about Matisse:

The great accomplishment in painting during the first half of the 20th century by Matisse, Mondrian and Picasso is the foundation on which present and future painting continues.
Today, many artists think that form and color are not sufficient for a work of art. The current fashion dictates art must contain political, environmental or minority issues.
Now, after nearly 50 years, my admiration for Matisse continues to grow, reaffirming my conviction that for me painting is about painting, and reinforcing my determination to make an art that has a clarity of spirit.
Personally, I believe in art for art's sake and I believe Matisse did also. He only painted to please himself, not to please the world, nor to change the world. Of course, his art has changed the way people see the world.        
(source: http://www.artinamericamagazine.com)

I've been like obsessed with Matisse, as I discovered more of his paintings lately. And also I find inspiring those words of Ellsworth Kelly. It's the simplicity (of both topics and the form) why I love Matisse's works so much. And as I was dealing with a lot of stress recently, thank you Matisse for making my days so much better.

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