"Maybe my choice is the hard way." My interview with Duc Dang

Hello guys. Let me introduce you Duc - a great contemporary photographer and also a friend of mine!

Duc Dang is 22y old guy from Vietnam, he just graduated from university - he studied economy, just to please his family. But that's not what he want to do. He is a self though photographer and today I will ask him a few questions about his journey to achieve his dreams.

Hello Duc, let me ask you some questions. First of all I wanna ask you how did you realized you want to be an artist and what was the first impulse to start making photographs?

A few years ago my parents bought me a camera because i watched some videos on youtube... I didn’t even know how to use it, so I did a research by myself to learn how to use the camera and all about the post production, so I can edit my images. A that time I didn't even think about becoming a photographer. But last year, someone told me that my photos are very good and different... So after that I started to think about the photography career.

How was it like? I mean, the start.

It was a terrible time in my life.. I have to fight out a lot of things for myself. Such as: my family didn't like it and I broke up with my girlfriend. I felt so lonely. I’ve run away from my home. I started to look for some friends who would like to work with me and support me.

You said that you have run away from your family? So you live alone now?

No. I came back home after a month because my parents were sad a lot. They though I'm a bad boy hah. They were always treating me like a kid. When I came back home, my parents respected me because they can't believe I could live without them.


Yes. At that this time I felt I have to follow my dream, so it was worth it.

How did you make money? By your artwork?

Nope, I've never made money by my artwork. I lived with my friend, he was so kind. He helped me with the payment, even when he had no money.. he always tried to manage someone for me who will borrow me some. Anyway I don't want to remember this time :)) it's so fuckin' terrible for me haha.

You are so brave. So how do you make money now?

I started to learn high-end retouching. I though it is a good way to make some money by this work (retoucher). I didn’t want money to affect my artwork. Anyway, a lot of people wanted me to shoot some commercial photoshoots for them, but I refused. I want them pay for my artwork, not for commercial shit. I see all of photographers in my country doing that and I don't want to be the same.

I see, so you are a little bit stubborn aren't you?

Yup, I am. Maybe my choice is the hard way, haha.

I feel you boy. Let’s move on to your artwork. What was the first series of photographs you have done?

The first photoshoot I did is called LADY(click to see)

How did you managed to get the model and how you wanted the photos to look like?

That is changeable. I have a lot of ideas. About the model... My friend introduced her for me, she’s so pretty. And then she introduced me the stylist.

That's interesting. Anyway, what kind of models do you like? How do you choose them?

I like women who experienced. The ones who has suffered a lot. They look stronger.

Hm. Why?

I don't know.. maybe it just reflects my feelings.

I see. Tell me now, what are your works mainly about?

My artwork is all about my real feelings. I felt so much of pain loneliness during the recent times, so that’s what my artwork is mainly about now. You can see some kind of sadness in my pictures, they are always sad. But at the same time always free strong.

:) Thank you Duc for the interview. 


You can view all his works here on Flickr. Feel free to share some love to him!

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